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Victory3D – Submarine Interior Environment Creation

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In this exciting tutorial, you will learn a professional approach to creating a game-ready submarine corridor from start to finish using Blender, the Substance suite, and Unreal Engine.

We will detail how to model the modular walls that will be used to build our corridor.

After that, we will start modeling the modular pipes using a high to low polygon modeling technique and use it to build all the pipe networks in our scene.

Finally, we will model some smaller assets such as a metal door, some signs and a fuse box to dress up our scene.

Once the modeling is complete we will move on to Substance Designer where we will create a layable painted metal texture that we can use on the walls and other assets.

We will then move our high polygon and low polygon assets into the Marmoset tool bag where we will bake the assets and generate our texture maps. At this point, we will bring everything into the Substance painter and start texturing our assets.

We will also generate special masks that, together with the custom shader in Unreal Engine 4, we can use to dynamically change the color and amount of dirt on our assets.

Finally, when everything is done and ready to go, we will import everything into Unreal Engine 4 and start building our level, creating our lighting and post effects, as well as some final polishing to really make the level shine.

I'm excited to show you all these techniques you can use so you can become a better environment artist. Turn up the heat and ignite your skills. Keep adding new knowledge, new workflows, new tactics to grow and expand. Life is about growing and reaching your fullest potential.

Take action and start committing to your success today. Join me on this amazing course and let's get started.

Free Victory3D – Submarine Interior Environment Creation Download

Submarine-Creation.part01.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part02.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part03.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part04.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part05.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part06.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part07.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part08.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part09.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part10.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part11.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part12.rar – 995.1 MB
Submarine-Creation.part13.rar – 995.1 MB

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