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Uartsy – Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4 | Free Download Course

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Uartsy – Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 

Environment artists set the tone for the entire game world and are essential to building games that keep us engrossed for hours on end. The best environments immerse us in the story and make us feel like we are part of these fantasy worlds.

In this course, from world-renowned artist and favourite ZBW instructor David Lesperance, you will learn to create those stunning, memorable environments using the same techniques and programs (including Unreal Engine 4) as the professionals use.

The 5 most important lessons.

How to start creating 3D assets for fully immersive video game environments
How to take your environment art to a whole new level with advanced modelling and sculpting techniques
How to set up your 3D environment assets and create a normal game world in Unreal Engine 4
Tips for setting the mood and capturing the feel of a particular scene in your game
Plus more pro tips and best practices for environment artists working in game production

Free Uartsy – Environment Creation in Unreal Engine 4 Download

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