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Foundations of Blender: 3D Printable Jewelry

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Foundations of Blender: 3D Printable Jewelry – Free Download

Do you want to learn how to create jewellery with Blender, the open source 3D creation suite? Learn about the intricacies of jewellery rendering and 3D print preparation? Learn about jewellers' techniques and how you can emulate them in the 3D world to create a perfect piece of jewellery?

Then this is the course you've been looking for. Be sure to check out the resources for some cool bonus content, such as finished .blend files and sketches!

My name is Gesa Pickbrenner, traditional goldsmith and self-taught 3D printing artist, and I will take you deeper into the art of Blender and jewellery design.

The title "Foundations of Blender" is not a coincidence. This course is meant as a springboard from which you can start your Blender journey. Whether you are a hobbyist who wants to explore the possibilities of 3D printed design with an open source program, a jeweller who wants to get into 3D printing, or an artist who wants to learn a new technique for your arsenal - this class is a resource for you to come back to time and time again.

You can choose - whatever suits your learning goals. Are you a complete beginner? Many techniques are explained in depth so you can progress gradually from the initial basic course to the more advanced ones. In addition, you can reduce the speed of the playback. Want to go faster and just get to grips with special jewellery techniques? Just increase the speed and you can zoom in, or jump to a later course where I talk more about 3D print preparation and jewellery techniques.

Free Foundations of Blender: 3D Printable Jewelry Download

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