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FlippedNormals – Trim Sheets for Game Artists | Free Blender Course

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 FlippedNormals – Trim Sheets for Game Artists – Free Download

Trim Sheets for Game Artists

Learn the "what, why and how" of cutsheets to quickly start developing high-quality environment assets as a studio environment artist. During this 4.5 hour course, you will go from an introduction to the concept of cut sheets to capturing a high quality render of your completed environment assets, and everything in between!


Become familiar with what cutsheets are and what a powerful tool they are for the environment artist. You will learn when to use clipping sheets and how to properly build and unwrap your assets to use these textural resources.


Procedurality will be a major theme in this series, allowing us to harness the power of custom parametric materials within Substance Designer. By developing our cut sheets with procedural flexibility in mind, we will effectively open up our designs for endless reuse, further expanding the use cases of our assets and our ingenuity as an environmental artist.


Charlie "Chunck" Trafagander is an independent game artist, indie developer, tutorial creator and generally curious mind. Having worked for a few Indie developers, he has been able to touch on most roles in game development, which he also likes to break down in various formats on his YouTube channel "Get Learnt".


This tutorial series is considered an intermediate level course. While not essential, it is recommended that the viewer is already familiar with modelling, UV unwrapping and basic material creation in Substance Designer to be able to follow along confidently and without difficulty.


You can follow the course with any 3D software. Although this Trim Sheets tutorial series uses Blender, the concepts are completely software independent. You can follow along using Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Houdini and more.

Free FlippedNormals – Trim Sheets for Game Artists Download

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