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Create A Simple Car Animation In Blender 3D | Free Blender Course

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Hi guys, welcome to another Blender course, my name is Zerina and in this course, we are going to create the car animation!

The first thing we are going to do is to import the reference images that you can download here: Car reference. Then we will start modeling the car following the reference image and using basic mashes and modifiers. Once we model the bottom part of the car we will add the holes for the wheels and in that, we will model the wheels. Then we will start modelling the upper half which are the windows of the car.

Once we finish the windows we will add the final details of the bonnet and the antenna on the top of the car.

Once we have finished modelling the car, we will start modelling the trailer behind the car. The same procedure goes for this one as on the car, we will add the body, create the wheel assembly, add the wheels, and then add the windows.

When we finish modeling the car and the trailer we will go to the shader editor and apply materials to both, we will also create some texture to the car. As for the road, we'll simply add the texture to the plane using the Blender kit.

Finally, we will adjust the camera and start the animation process, first, we will animate the road, then the wheels, and finally, we will animate the car to go from side to side from front to back.

Once the animation is finished we will change the render engine to cycles and render the scene. Once we are done, we will play with the compositing nodes for the final rendering.

This course is for beginners with little knowledge of modeling and animation but if you are an advanced 3D artist it can be useful as an exercise or inspiration.

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